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Aquapark - Primorsko

 The water park in Primorskoye is part of the modern sports complex, which is built at the beginning of the city, offering a variety of amusements for growing up, and for ten years an attractive childish cat from a small hall and a pool was built, and the interest of the anticipated shower from the penguin format was built. There are sun loungers around the two pools, the amusement is presented by golyam broy attraction / In the Aqua Park there is an establishment for a barzo storage, a pizarium, an ima nyakolko bar and a shop. Kum sports complex ima sports halls, tennis court, spa center.

Boat trip boat on Rapotamo river
Предлагат се The boat ride on the Ropotamo River is an attraction offered by the Ropotamo Natural Complex. Two walks are offered. One starts from the pier of the river and is a one-hour journey through the beautiful nature of the Ropotamo reserve, bizarre rock forms, and in good weather you can enjoy the view of many turtles, birds and other inhabitants, get to the confluence of the river with the Black Sea. Another walk also starts from the pier, along the river, lasts 30 minutes and passes through the unspoiled rich nature of the reserve.
Excursion and picnic from the yacht

For a variety of your vacation and new impressions, give yourself and your family an unforgettable walk and picnic on a yacht .. A yacht picnic is an opportunity to ride a yacht with a breeze, feel like a member of a marine team, test your sports fishing skills or just walk and collect shells from bay and see the picturesque coast of Bulgaria from the sea. You can get together in a company or spend time with your loved one among the picturesque rock. You will have the opportunity to sunbathe on a yacht or on a wild beach in the exotic bay of Cape Maslen nos.
 � Tel. for information and reservations: +359 888 68 35 33 Yacht Picnic Faith - Primorsko


The best place for diving on the Black Sea coast is Primorsko. The seabed landscape is very diverse: underwater rocky ridges, the reefs of which are inhabited by many species of fish.

Diving Club Primorsko offers interesting diving routes for both beginners and certified divers.


For many, the Black Sea is a place where you can lie on the beach and enjoy the sun and that will be enough. But there are also those who are more interested in outdoor activities like fishing in the Black Sea. There are several alternative ways of fishing in the Black Sea - from the shore, from a pier or cliff, and by boat. Each of them has its own characteristics. In the town of Primorsko, the Perla area is a cult place for sea fishing. In the vicinity of the town of Primorsko there are places for fishing on the river. The Devil's River is one of the rivers on the southern Black Sea coast where the sea mullet is found. The river flows near Primorsko. The estuary is located on the southern beach of the city.

Learn to Surf, Windsurf or Kitesurf in Primorsko
Primorsko is a place where you can learn to windsurf, kitesurf or surf. Surfing is not only a fun pastime for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly, but also very rewarding. Surfing is not only a great workout for the whole body, but also a great way to stay happy and healthy for years to come. Surfing has a great effect on human health.
If you like fresh sea breeze, bright sun and sparkling waves, but still don't feel confident on the surf, contact Akasha surf school.
Horse rides

What could be more beautiful than horseback riding along the seashore to feel the beauty of nature, breathe in the sea air and admire the sea, or a walk through the forest or field to relax in nature, admire the beauty of the forest, this is one of the most pleasant and comfortable ways to spend your free time. time. With a horse in nature, they make you forget about all the problems and merge into one environment.
Conna base - Pearl

Eco trails

The unique location of Primorsko - on one side the sea, on the other - the mountain, makes it an excellent starting point for many interesting places and entertainment in the area. The beauty of mountains, forests, combined with clean air creates unique conditions for ecotourism, healthy and active life.

There are many eco-trails in the area, suitable for visiting in all seasons. Most are short, lightweight and suitable for all age groups.

Routes and eco-trails

Cycling around Primorsko and along the Strandzha trails
Strandja is a great place for short or longer bike rides. A mountain with soft and rounded hills that are suitable even for beginner cyclists. At the same time, Strandja offers exceptional natural views that can turn even a short daily walk into an unforgettable memory.
1 Zornitsa Str., 8180 Primorsko, Bulgaria
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