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General terms and conditions of  the Аparthotel Stamopolu Lux.

The management of the hotel and all the staff of our team, welcome you !

Welcome to Stamopolu Lux»

If you have any questions about your booking or about these policies, please contact us
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Thank you for choosing our apartments in the Stamopolu Luxury Apartotel!
To make your stay comfortable and calm, we suggest you to read the rules and recommendations that we ask you to follow!

1. These rules are developed on the basis of the current Bulgarian legislation.

2. Apartotel Stamopolu Lux guarantees its guests confidentiality.

3. The property may stop providing services to those guests who violate the rules and do not comply with the policy of the complex.

1. The hotel is open for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Check-in is not earlier than 15:00h.
The apartment must be vacated on the day of departure no later than 11:00h,
In case of cancellation later than 7 days before arrival, the payment for the reservation will not be refunded. The property reserves the right to deduct the cost of one night's stay when returning the reservation.
2. Accommodation in the apartment hotel is only possible upon presentation of a passport. After that, they fill out the client's card and pay the remaining amount for the placement.
If the guest refuses to stay or reduces the length of stay, the administration has the right to deduct an amount of 50% of the cost from the prepayment made by the guest, but not less than one night of stay. This amount is the payment for the reservation of the apartment in the name of the guest for the entire period of his stay.

4. At the end of the period of stay, the resident is obliged to vacate the apartment before 11.00 am of the current day, the extension of the period of stay is made only if there is no reservation for this apartment. If there are available apartments, if necessary, the resident can be provided with another room.
5. Cleaning is done before check-in. Please note that the apartments are not cleaned. Towels and bed linen are provided once every three days. At the request of the guest, for an additional fee, at his request, in accordance with the list and price list of prices for additional services. If necessary, contact the front desk.

6. Breakfast is served in the hotel's restaurant from 8.00 am to 11.00 am.
The complex is not responsible for the work of city services (emergency shutdown of electricity, water supply).

8. The administration is not responsible for the loss of the guest's valuables located in the apartment (all apartments are equipped with a safe with the possibility of installing a personal code) and left unattended items on the territory of the complex. If forgotten items are found, the administration takes measures to return them to their owners. If the owner is not found, the items found and left behind are stored for up to 1 month.

9. The resident must:
when leaving the apartment, close the water taps, windows, turn off the lights, TV, etc.; observe the rules of residence, observe cleanliness, silence, and public order in the apartment and on the territory of the complex; strictly observe the fire safety rules; compensate for damage in case of loss, damage or damage to the property of the Apartment. The assessment of the damage caused is made on the basis of the" price list for damage/loss of property of the complex"; to be responsible for the actions of the visitors invited by him to his apartment; to pay in full and in a timely manner for all additional services provided by the Apartotel.

10. On the entire territory of the complex there is a video surveillance system /for the inclusion of toilets and apartments. By using the services of an Apartment Hotel, you agree to video surveillance.

11. Please note that parking spaces in front of the hotel are subject to availability and cannot be reserved. The hotel is not responsible for any damage to your car in the parking area.

12.  To ensure order and security in the Aparthotel is prohibited: to leave the apartment by unauthorized persons, and to give them the key to the apartment, to store bulky items, flammable materials, weapons, chemical and radioactive substances, mercury, smoke in the rooms and in the halls and corridors of the Complex; in a state of narcotic intoxication, use the heater if it is not provided in the apartment to disturb the peace of other guests staying in the apartment next door.

13. The hotel administration reserves the right to visit the apartment without the consent of the guest in case of smoke, fire, flooding, as well as in case of violation by the guest of the present order of residence, public order, the order of use of household appliances.
All apartments in the apartotel are strictly non-smoking, the penalty for smoking in the apartment is 100 euros, which will go to clean the apartment and the air from the smell of smoke.

15. The hotel has the right to terminate the contract for the provision of services unilaterally, or refuse to extend the period of stay in case of violation of the guest's order of residence, late payment for the services of the Hotel, causing material damage to the Hotel by the guest.

1 Zornitsa Str., 8180 Primorsko, Bulgaria
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